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A Sacred Journey of Spiritual Awakening

What We Do

Restore. Rejuvenate. Rejoice

All Heart wishes to serve with an open mind and more importantly an open heart to help fellow seekers find their way back home in their own spiritual hearts. We aim to offer a holistic approach to life and partner with extraordinary humans to give people a unique opportunity to discover a personal path to freedom that works for them.

Founded in 2023 by Sean Owen, a devoted seeker who, after years of traversing the spiritual path, felt an earnest calling to share the profound insights he gathered along the way. Sean’s journey has been one of immersion in spiritual communities, retreats, connections with Swamis, monks, and spiritual teachers, delving into spiritual texts, and classes. This journey awakened something deep within Sean to the point that he could not refuse that the universe was pushing him to share something special with the world.

Flexible Body & Mind

Discover the power of harmony between physical flexibility and mental resilience, enhancing your overall well-being for a balanced life

Renewed Self-Awareness

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking the doors to a deeper understanding of your true self and fostering a profound connection with your inner world

Deep Sense of Purpose

Explore the path to uncovering your life's true calling, igniting a passionate drive that gives direction, meaning, and fulfillment to every aspect of your existence

How We Help

Are you ready to uplevel your life and learn to integrate your body, mind, and spirit?

Decrease Stress

Experience a significant decrease in stress as you learn powerful techniques to harmonize your body and mind, paving the way for a more serene and balanced life.

Decrease Anxiety

Unlock the path to a calmer, more centered existence by mastering strategies that effectively decrease anxiety, integrating your body and mind for a heightened sense of peace.

Decrease Anger

Discover how to significantly reduce feelings of anger, fostering a more harmonious integration of your body and mind, and leading to a more peaceful and balanced life.

Improve Energy

Boost your vitality and improve your energy levels, enabling a more dynamic integration of body and mind for an uplifted and more vibrant life.

Our Services

Empowering Transformation: Our Services for Your Mind and Body Integration

Holistic Coaching

Empowering Your Journey: Holistic Coaching for Complete Well-being

Sound Healing

Harmonize Your Essence: Discover the Transformative Power of Sound Healing


Unlock the Power of Your Breath: Transformative Breathwork Sessions


Find Your Balance: Yoga Practices for Mind and Body Harmony

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Elevate your path to success and personal growth with advanced strategies and insights designed to propel you forward, surpassing your goals and expectations

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How We Help

We believe in a deep sense of purpose

All Heart Holistic Group is not just a space; it is a sanctuary for seekers, a haven for those yearning to reconnect with their true selves. Join us on this sacred journey of spiritual awakening, where the heart leads, and the spirit soars. May this space be a guiding light on your path to wholeness and transcendence.


Services We Offer: A Holistic Haven

In the spirit of holistic well-being, All Heart Holistic Group extends an invitation to explore a spectrum of transformative services:


Dive into immersive workshops that blend ancient wisdom with practical tools for modern living.


Embark on a spiritual retreat, a sacred pause from the demands of everyday life.

Holistic Coaching

Experience personalized guidance on your spiritual journey.


Explore the transformative power of conscious breathing.

Sound Healing

Envelop yourself in the sacred vibrations of sound.


Align your body, mind, and spirit through the ancient practice of yoga.


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Sarah Happy Client

Breathwork and meditation have truly transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. These practices have become my sanctuary, my refuge, and my source of inner peace and clarity. Through breathwork, I have learned to connect with my breath, to be present in the moment, and to release tension and stress from my body.


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